Pediatric Dentistry in
Hialeah Gardens

It’s important to make sure that your children develop good oral hygiene practices starting at an early age. The habits they form when they are young will carry on as they mature into adulthood, and along with our pediatric dentistry services, we can help you make sure that their smiles stay healthy and beautiful!

Pediatric Dentistry in Hialeah Gardens

Our friendly and professional staff believes in practicing gentle dentistry. We are committed to treating our young patients like family. Our pediatric dental services include:

Sealants: Children are especially susceptible to trapping bacteria and developing decay on their back teeth. Sealants are plastic coatings that can be applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to make sure them smoother and less susceptible to trapping bacteria.

Fluoride Applications: Fluoride can be applied to teeth to strengthen enamel and even help to repair the very early stages of tooth decay.

Fillings: Kids love sugar! This makes them especially vulnerable to cavities. Our fillings can restore their smiles from cavities or minor decay.

Emergency Dentistry: We get it — accidents happen! When unexpected oral injuries occur, you can count on us to provide your child with the care they need.

Phase 1 Orthodontics: Phase 1 orthodontics refers to orthodontic treatments to correct your child’s teeth or jaws before their permanent teeth have erupted.

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Review from Alexandra Z.
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Five stars

Alexandra Z.

Had a great experience at Biltmore Dental. Not only were they kind and helpful, but they were able to handle all my needs from dental to ortho care. Highly recommend.
Review from Flor D.
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Five stars

Flor D.

I absolutely love Biltmore Dental. The staff is very accommodating and nice and my dentist is the best. The check-in is very fast and they work arduously with your insurance to make sure you know your coverage prior to the procedure. Thank you guys for all your hard work!
Review from Ivo V.
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Five stars

Ivo V.

Biltmore Dental Associates is the best! I want to express my sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care given to my mother. Dr. Santana and all the staff made me us feel that she was in safe hands. Coming here is like dealing with trusted family. We would not consider changing dentist!
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Dr. Sylvia Santana
Dr. Santana fell in love with the dental profession as a child when she was receiving orthodontic treatment.

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